In this FREE mini-course, you'll be able to get a taste of the complete Game Crowdfunding courseavailable here. Get the basics out of the way and make sure you're really ready to work on your campaign. This mini-course will:

  • Teach you what the other crowdfunding campaigns are doing, why, and what are the key takeaways from their successes and failures
  • Teach you how to research numbers, and project goals and expenses
  • Teach you how to estimate shipping expenses, crowdfunding fees, credit card fees, and other unexpected fees

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  • You already have a basic understanding of how Kickstarter and other reward-based crowdfunding platforms work
  • You already backed at least one or two projects
  • You want your campaign to be a success and avoid classic mistakes

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Hi, I’m Tommaso

I worked on several crowdfunding campaigns, raising over $380K in combined funds for gaming-related projects, and over €1.71M on equity crowdfunding projects. For many years I've been running the marketing, community, and production side of both tabletop games and video games. Now, I want to share everything I learned with you!

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Game Crowdfunding: Learn the Basics in Less than One Hour is a great place to start. At some point, though, you might want to graduate to a more advanced, in-depth course on how to set up a successful game crowdfunding campaign. Our advanced course Game Crowdfunding: From Start to Funded is open for enrollment. When you join, you'll get:

  • Over 40 lessons on all aspects of a game crowdfunding campaign (ResearchCampaign SetupWhat to do Prior to LaunchWhat to do During the Campaign, and Delivery and Post Campaign Support)
  • Bonus lessons where we look at other campaigns, new developments in the field, and more!
  • Useful tools that will help you set up the campaign, and do your calculations correctly, taking away all the guesswork